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Domestic search engine marketplace is deep business segments of the field - Business enterprise

In baidu search engine industry domestic domination of the background, the clean, sogou, netease youdao, search is deep business segments of the field, and in the electronic commerce, music, video, photographs, and so forth jiancheng "climate". A vertical search challenge of universal search crowd was going on.

Lately, sohu announced the year to the third quarter earnings, its sogou search engine presents bright spectacular efficiency: sogou company reach revenue of $18.4 million, elevated by 244% compared with the exact same period last year, for the initial time and realize the profit, as the following the second profit right after baidu search engine company.

"Netease youdao has been in vertical search be layout, such as shopping search is our earlier layout and will focus on generating merchandise. In addition, we will be in the video search, game search fields additional meet the wants of the user item." Netease youdao technical director and director of advertising JinLei said.

Tencent its search additional not too long ago, in the search music, search ask, search video, search images continue to send force.

These two lines of echelon action may well not enough to let baidu debauched, but MaYunYu unified all electronic commerce the idea of entrance think will "let baidu sleep".

Catch up the "Yang seeks" baidu

For two, 3 lines in search engine manufacturer, baidu and Google is undoubtedly two Bridges insuperable "dashan", but they in no way give up "climbing" actions.

As Google out of China industry, a good number of search engine manufacturers discovered that this is a big chance to expand the industry share. In rob Google "heritage", netease youdao achieved superb outcomes. "2010 years of cooperation with Google has a total of 27 marketing dealers dwelling, Google left, there are 13 dwelling and netease youdao reached cooperation." JinLei said, competitive cost and excellent cooperation dealer training plan is netease youdao in rob Google "heritage" aspects of the valuable reasons for the win.

Facing the strength of the baidu, netease youdao in recent years has been attempting to transition, not with baidu positive battle, and elevated in vertical search field layout. Netease youdao hope by means of search engine technologies based on the Internet-youdao dictionary and in the dictionary shopping search field congenital superiority, strengthen its vertical search field in the professional characteristics.

The most recent figures show that by the end of October, netease youdao dictionary installation volume has exceeded 130 million, of which Computer client customers to install is additional than 90 million, mobile telephone customers to install client is additional than 45 million.

"Google out of China industry, netease youdao industry share appeared enhance substantially. We also use technologies advantage true-time search, net improvement preview, 3 bar shows, and other functions, in order to meet the wants of customers additional." JinLei said, right after almost five years of improvement, netease youdao currently has the total search engine item line, launched merchandise involve net search, news search, image search, shopping search, music search, video search, game search, and ChuiZhiHua merchandise, and a good number of are the user high praise the intelligent application. In the core of the net search technologies and search on superior, netease youdao, tend to be mature, is steadily catch up inside the business leader. In the future, netease youdao will in the core search superior and item differentiation continued efforts, additional for the user to supply superior search service, let customers faster getting the answer.

Is not only netease youdao, recent years sogou robust growth scenario also acceptance.

"Can become the second earnings in search engine manufacturers thanks to 'input process + + search browser" level 3 rocket model." Sogou chief executive WangXiaoChuan said sogou has millions of dollars of investment funds guarantee sogou advantages of technologies innovation of, the future will strengthen shopping search layout, as soon as achievable to catch up with Google.

WangXiaoChuan assume, sogou technologies not comparable to any a search engine company, some merchandise such as information chart search function even than competitors and strong, the gap is triggered by the user habits, sogou will strengthen item improvement efforts additional suitable for the wants of the user the item and the service.

Analysts DongXu analysys international, said in the search engine baidu profession status is nonetheless cannot shake, but some search engine manufacturers are consistently improving our merchandise, increase the user encounter, prompted flow growth, has won a lot of advertisers and clients.

Vertical search jiancheng "climate"

"Baidu competitive ranking is to continuously raise the marketing expenses." A advertisers disclosed. In the past, a good number of advertisers to baidu's robust quite helpless, but along with the improvement of the vertical search, advertisers have discovered that, in vertical search engine on the marketing additional professional, additional precise. Customers also discovered that Makes use of vertical search engine search keyword phrases, get the result additional precise. For instance, customers in baidu search "green tea", the result that come out as some type of item, also have movies and other entertainment merchandise. And in vertical search engines, the result is only discovered out some type of merchandise and associated enterprise.

With the rapid improvement of electronic commerce, the user to the demand of precision search additional strongly. "Based on this demand, netease youdao by means of the deep shopping search field, rolled out 'youdao shopping assistant', 'netease return now' and so forth. Product." JinLei introduction, "youdao shopping assistant" is based on a shopping search technologies browser comparison tool And "netease return now", by means of the "search + + return rate is" value model, full meet customers for network shopping "low superior goods + + material benefit" value of demand. "For additional than two years to additional than 200 instances the number now, has accumulated for customers to return cash additional than 1100 yuan, 1 billion yuan order volume," JinLei said.

Mr Ma also see the shopping search of perfect value. He in June this year began a cat nets to keep away from and common net search giant competition, focus on shopping search, hoping that a cat nets can become the unity of the electronic commerce entrance. The practice of Mr Ma is a cat nets resources is open to all e-commerce web-sites, customers click on a cat search box, you can get commodity data, service, security, logistics, cost, payment, and so a full range of shopping solutions. The data comes from 3 locations: TaoBaoZhan data, TaoBaoZhan inside the B2C partners, according to e-commerce web-sites to crawl over the data.

Google and baidu, such as compared to the standard search engines, a cat is characteristic of the show only the shopping data search outcomes from the marketing message influence. For customers, in clean in the search box input item, a cat can not only show the cooperation with all the businessmen item data, for customers to evaluate alternative, also can invest in straight in clean, do not need to be in every e-commerce net internet site the jump.

Subdivision segment and segment

Future search engine business will present the pattern of how? Now come to, baidu and Google is about to come back the big MAC position it is nonetheless challenging to shake, but from the second 3 line to the improvement of search engine, differentiation will be the future search engine with the energy of the crucial.

DongXu assume, whether or not based on item layout or vertical Sally, community search, and vertical search field will is the main search engine operators of the layout of the crucial.

The future of the Internet for the entrance is nonetheless divided, search is the entrance, the client and browser is valuable entry, which the Internet company can hold as a good number of of the entrance, can in the future industry competition a superior position. In order to solve this dilemma, erin consulting on China's search engine industry improvement trend for the outlook: initial of all, desktop software package (IM/dictionary/browser) and the mixture of the search service will be additional common, and become the new rapidly to cut into the industry of the most Second, the vertical places of outstanding manufacturer will by means of the cooperation or independent research and improvement into the search industry Third, the bo the high speed improvement, make the improvement of true-time search with imaginary space.

To this, sogou currently in the client, the browser, search engine 3 big entrance on the lengthy-term layout, forms the 3 item line drops advance, relying heavily on every other's business model, let sogou from originally onefold search business to intensive and diversified item matrix evolution, by means of the continuous improvement of the item function, realized the sogou browser, search engines, input process one particular of the 3 principal business mixture growth. WangXiaoChuan assume, Internet data acquisition by means of the initial generation of browsing, the second generation of the search industry has entered into the precise data advised training time, the future of the search engine to truly satisfy many different requests of customers.

JinLei said, the future netease youdao will also deeply user demand, and consistently segments of the industry. He revealed, netease youdao in search, video search out shopping, the game right after the search will continue to segment the industry, roll out youdao notes.

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