Monday, 23 April 2012

English Breakfast Tea ? How It All Started

A excellent description of an English breakfast tea is complete-bodied, robust and wealthy-favored. It made use of to be the form of tea that only the upper class could afford.

But how did the English breakfast tea began?

You will be shocked to know that the English breakfast tea is derived from numerous locales like India, China and Sri Lanka. But this mix of black teas was really invented in Scotland by a man named Drysdale and his brilliant notion soon spread throughout England and became hugely fashionable. Through these times, the purest form of tea was known to come from China. As tea gained its reputation, the individuals from London started adding 'English' to the name. In addition, when Drysdale was advertising and marketing his new notion he made it clear that this beverage will need to be served with the morning meal and so it earned the name "breakfast tea".

When English breakfast tea began surfacing in London shops and restaurants, a lot of individuals embraced the new flavor. English individuals liked to be awoken by the robust aroma of black tea every morning and this is why the English breakfast tea was a preferred option.

The English breakfast tea has a distinctive blended taste. It is a complete-bodied drink with a hint of delicate floral flavor also termed as "coppery". Due to the fact it is black tea, the English breakfast tea is in most cases added with some amount of milk, honey, cream and sugar to boost its flavor. It is served at breakfast which includes a wide variety of hearty foods like spam, bacon and ham. For this cause, the English desires a tea that is robust enough to neutralize heavy cholesterol present in the foods. It is also known to aid in the digestive method generating the English breakfast tea a favorite beverage right after a heavy meal. It also serves as a stimulant to keep you awake and alert throughout your day. What a refreshing way to start off the day.

Brewing English breakfast tea is especially simple. Simply put loose tea leaves in a strainer or into a pot. Steep it extended enough to develop a flavor appropriate to your taste. If you prefer a stronger flavor for your tea, you can add a great deal more tea leaves.

The English breakfast tea is delightful and aromatic. When you develop into comfortable with the taste, you can invite other members of your family such as relatives and friends together to share a hearty breakfast with English breakfast tea.

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