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When the earth received extremely first man, it had to welcome so a large number of diseases. With the passage of time on the 1 hand population was in progress and on the other hand diseases had been in the progress. Up till now surprising number of diseases has been witnessed by the human getting. The diagnoses course of action also took start off with the start off of diseases and nevertheless both in progress. Some diseases have come to be the challenge for the diagnostic teams. Some diseases haven been diagnosed by the diagnosti c teams just after extremely hard and great operate but the remedy as properly as medicines for such diseases could not be discovered.

Some diseases from their names and causing virus deemed to be extremely basic but our judgment is proved altogether a blunder. Simply because of our carelessness sooner they come to be fatal and out of remedy range and the patient, s death is the ultimate result.
DENGUE FEVER OR DENGUE HEMORRHAGIC FEVER is also a decisive illness. By its name we take into consideration it an ordinary fever due to bite of a mosquito. Moreover there is similarity amongst the signs and symptoms of DENGUE FEVER and ordinary seasonal fever. In both situations signs and symptoms are headache, bones ache, muscle and joints pain and fever. As each fever has about the identical signs and symptoms, patient does not take into consideration it DENGUE if no such case has been nevertheless reported from any quarter.

Prior to news about the DENGUE FEVER, neither patient nor doctor takes pain to diagnose the fever to the extent of great diagnoses.

Dengue fever is a extremely old illness but through last 20 years it covered the area even more than earlier. Dengue fever is the result of a bite of an infected mosquito who has bitten earlier an infected individual. Dengue virus is not a contagious 1 and does not travel from a individual to a further straight, amongst the two persons a mosquito is the cause of infection .
Initially the patient feels that he is suffering from flu because the signs and symptoms are the identical. Additional when dengue hemorrhagic fever attacks the patient feels serious seasonal fever. Dengue fever is fatal 1 . Same as flu it is a viral illness. 4 types of dengue virus have been discovered so for which have been named as DEN-1, DEN-2, DEN-3 and DEN-4.

Specifically the dengue fever hits the tropical locations of the planet. The moment Asia, Africa and North America continents had been the Dengue virus and fever locations. Lateron the Dengue traveled to Jakarta, Indonesia, Cairo, Egypt and Philadelphia.

Dengue fever signs and symptoms are completely different as per age of the patients. Infants and young youngsters have to suffer from the fever with rash. Adults and older youngsters whereas involving the dengue fever, complain as suffering from routine seasonal or serious fever with headache, pain behind the eyes, muscles and joints pain and rash.

Therapy OF DENGUE.
There is no certain remedy of dengue fever. Basic medicine which are made use of in fever or ache of completely different components of body, are recommended through the dengue fever. If bleeding is there through the dengue fever, it is due to low platelet count, in time platelet concentrates and red cell transfusion ought to be there from time to time up till 2 or 3 weeks.

If we save ourselves from the bite of mosquito we are successful to stay away from the dengue or other virus from the bite of mosquito because the only cause of dengue is the mosquito bite. Mosquito repellant, protective clothes and window screens can be useful. Pollution like water-filled points and old tires ought to not be there in the vicinity.

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