Friday, 23 December 2011

Caffeine in Green Tea

Green originates from Camellia sinensis- plants, this plant has a lot of benefits, having said that there is a catch it consists of caffeine. There are a lot of folks who are particularly susceptible to this substance and have a lot of concerns since of the very same. Caffeine does not let you sleep, it keeps you awake for a long period of time, since of which it is advised that you should not hav e it at least 3 hours before you want to sleep.

Though caffeine is present it is in little quantity as compared to normal tea and coffee. Still if you consume significant amount of green tea it may possibly effect you, just like normal tea or coffee. This is the reason doctors suggest that you should have not have a great deal more than 3 cups of this green tea in a day to maintain a superior wellness. Even although it has caffeine it is widely accepted since of the a variety of wellness benefits that it delivers. Researches have shown that green tea has the capacity to inhibit the effects of numerous types of cancer.

It is packed with antioxidants, for which a particularly stringent approach has to be followed. So that the oxidants do not escape the leaves, for this all the leaves have to be heated as soon as they are harvested. There have been a variety of studies relating to green tea, in Japan a study that lasted for almost 10 years showed that there have been much less premature deaths, since of the consumption of Camellia sinensis leaves.

If you feel that by switching over to Green Tea you will not be consuming caffeine at all, then you are incorrect. It does have caffeine, it is just that it is present is much less amount as compared to coffee and black tea. By consuming green tea you can be confident of 1 factor : you have drastically reduced the amount of caffeine consumption. So practically with green tea you have absolutely nothing to loose, it has the appropriate amount of Caffeine and it keeps you high energy all day long.

Green Tea is stated to have :32 mg of Caffeine in comparison to Espresso coffee which has :212 mg of Caffeine.

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